Laravel Tutorial #7: Create Routes, Controllers and Views

Table of Contents Registering RoutesControllersIndex ControllerCategory ControllerTag ControllerPost ControllerViewsLayoutMasterPost ListSidebarHome PageCategory PageTag PagePost Page Registering Routes We didn’t use single action controller for post controller becase we are giong to add search function here in the next post. Controllers Index Controller Category Controller Tag Controller… Read More »Laravel Tutorial #7: Create Routes, Controllers and Views

Laravel Tutorial #6: Create Models and Setup Admin Panel

Table of Contents Design Database StructureUsers TableCategories TableTags TablePosts TableRelationsOne to OneOne to One (Inverse)One to ManyOne to Many (Inverse)Many to ManyDesign RelationshipsCreate ModelsCategory ModelTag ModelPost ModelRelationshipBetween User and Post (One to Many)Between Category and Post (One to Many)Between Tag and Post (Many to Many)Setup… Read More »Laravel Tutorial #6: Create Models and Setup Admin Panel

Laravel Tutorial #3: The MVC Structure

Table of Contents Introducing the MVC StructureControllersBasic ControllersSingle Action ControllersViews (Blade Templates)Template InheritanceDefine A Master LayoutExtend A LayoutSyntaxDisplaying DataIf StatementsSwitch StatementsLoopsModelsDefine ModelsRetrieve Data Introducing the MVC Structure The MVC structure means that the application is divided into three parts. The (M) model defines the data… Read More »Laravel Tutorial #3: The MVC Structure