How to Setup Your Own VPS

In this article, I will show you, step by step, how to setup your own VPS on Vultr.

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Deploy New Server

First, choose a new server. You can choose the type of instance based on your own needs. If you are just trying to create your own blog, just choose the “Compute Cloud” option.

And then, the location. Remember, different locations may have different price options.

As for the server type, if you are using aaPanel as I talked about in the post How to Create a Website in 1 Hour With WordPress, you’ll need to install CentOS 7.x.

And that’s it, pick a name for your server, and Deploy! It may take a few minutes.

Connect to Your Server Via SSH Client

Use PuTTY, XShell or other SSH clients that you like to connect to your server. Here, I will use XShell as an example. Your login information can be found on the server information page.

Open Xshell, a session window should pop up. Create a new session.

First, give it a name, it can be anything you want. And in the “Host”, Type in the IP address of your server. “Port Number” should be 22.

Then go to “Authentication” page, and type in your user name and password, they can be found on the server information page.

And now you should be able to connect to your server.

To make your server more secure, it’s better to use an SSH key to log in instead of passwords.

Setup SSH Keys For Better Security

Go to Tools and choose “New User Key Wizard”.

Choose a key type and key length. Longer keys are more secure.

After it is generated, you can give it a name and a password.

Now, you need to save a public key and register it on your server.

Click on save as a file.

Go to the “root” directory of your server. If you installed Xftp and Xshell as a bundle, just click the green button on the top bar of Xshell.

Add an “.ssh” folder.

Copy the public key you just saved to this folder, and rename it authorized_keys.

Restart ssh service.


sudo systemctl restart sshd


sudo service ssh restart

Now you should be able to log in to your server with the SSH key pair.

Disable Password Login

However, now you can still use your password to log in, which means the hackers can as well. So, you need to disable the password login.

Go to /etc/ssh

Edit the sshd_config file.

Find PasswordAuthentication

Change the value to no

Restart the ssh service again. Now you can only log in using the SSH key pair.

If you see any mistakes in this article, please comment below. I will fix them as quick as I can.

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