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Web Development Tutorials For Laravel, Django, and Vue.js

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Laravel Tutorial For Beginners

Laravel is an elegant, simple, yet powerful PHP web framework. It takes care of common tasks in most web applications so that the development process can be much more pleasing for you. In this course, we’ll build a simple blogging system using Laravel.

Django Tutorial For Beginners

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Just like Laravel, Django aims to ease the construction of complex, database-driven web applications. Again, we’ll learn the key features of Django by building a simple blog.

Vue.js Tutorial For Beginners

Still Under Construction…

Laravel Tutorial #10: Deployment

Finally, it’s time to deploy our project. Instead of doing everything manually, we use a server management panel, which is much more beginner friendly.Setup a VPSFirst, let’s setup a new VPS b…

Laravel Tutorial #9: Wrap Things Up

In this post, we’ll create some optional features for our website. If you are not interested, just skip this post and go to the final deployment section of this tutorial.PaginationWhen we add …

Laravel Tutorial #8: Search

The search function is a fundamental feature for almost all websites, and in this article, we’ll talk about how to implement basic search in our Laravel project.A search function consists of three…

Laravel Tutorial #7: Create Routes, Controllers and Views

Registering RoutesRoute::get(‘/’, IndexController::class); Route::get(‘/category/{slug}’, CategoryController::class); Route::get(‘/tag/{slug}’, TagController::class); Route::get(‘/post/{slug}’, [P…

Laravel Tutorial #6: Create Models and Setup Admin Panel

Design Database StructureFor a simple blogging system, we need at least 4 database tables: Users, Categories, Tags, and Posts. If you want other functions for your blog, commen…

Laravel Tutorial #5: Create the Home Page

Now, it’s time for us to dive into our project. To get familiar with everything, we start by creating only the home page. If you are using Voyager as your admin panel, read through this article, but i…

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